Liver is an important organ, involved in about 500 processes & functions. Everything we eat, drink, breathe and absorb eventually reaches our liver.

Unhealthy diet and lifestyle as well as increased environmental pollutants and toxic substances increase the challenge of liver function and detoxification.

Aside from Milk Thistle Extract which is standardised to provide 80% Silymarin, Eurobio Milk Thistle Plus has additional Dandelion, Burdock & Sarsaparilla. These 4 active ingredients work together synergistically to improve liver function and enhancing detoxification.

  • People with poor liver health
  • People who consume alcohol
  • People who smoke
  • People who work in a polluted environment

Acid and bile are the natural defence system of our body against bad bacteria.

Being acid resistance and bile tolerance can ensure that the probiotics have a high survival rate in our gut.

ProbioLact™ Active Formula should be taken separately from antibiotics or taken after a course of antibiotics, to restore the imbalance of microflora in your gut. It contains safe probiotics that are not resistant to antibiotics.

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