Eurobio Bio-5 lecithin contains phosphatides that are naturally derived from soy therefore it is not advisable for people with soy intolerance. Please consult your healthcare professional or contact us at 012-2488386 before taking this product.

Lecithin can help to unblock milk duct as well as prevent future blocked duct. Lactating women should always consult their healthcare professional before taking any supplements.

Eurobio Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg uses cold-pressed extraction method to preserve GLA in its active form.

  • Breastfeeding mothers who wish to prevent blockage of milk ducts and improve milk flow
  • People who wish to lose weight and burn fat naturally
  • People with fat digestion issue or have removed their gall bladder
  • People with high cholestrol levels

Eurobio Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg can be taken at any time of the day. We recommend taking 1 to 3 vegicaps soft once daily with meals.

Eurobio Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg is not known to cause any weight gain. However please do seek advice from your healthcare proffesional if you do have some specific concerns.

Breastfeeding ladies should always consult their healthcare professional before consuming any women health’s supplements.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat healthy foods including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Limit salt and salty foods to reduce bloating and fluid retention
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Get enough sleep
  • Try yoga or massage to relax
  • Quit smoking
  • Include Evening Primrose Oil in your diet

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