GlutaShinz L-Glutathione Formula


Eurobio® GlutaShinz is an active formula that supports the maintenance of healthy body. It is a high strength formula of 500mg L-Glutathione, which may be helpful for protecting against oxidative stress and to keep us looking healthy, confident and radiant.


Glutathione is an antioxidant that is naturally produced in the human body. Many factors will reduce the body’s Glutathione level such as ageing, stress, sun exposure, smoking, alcohol and poor diet.

Glutathione offers antioxidant effects and provides protection against free radicals. It shields the skin from oxidative stress. Keeping sufficient level of L-Glutathione in the body will help to keep us look healthy, confident and radiant.


High strength formula of 500mg L-Glutathione
No added preservatives, artificial flavors, yeast, gluten, salt or sugars
Formulated in vegetable capsules, suitable for vegetarians

Active Ingredients


Recommended dosage

Adults – 1 vegetable capsule once daily with meals

Pack size

30 vegetable capsules
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